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List your property with Pillow

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Services to property owners

At Pillow Partners, we offer three main services for property owners. From simply listing on our booking platform, right through to creating a 100% hand-off business for you. We have a simple mission when it comes to looking after your property.

Maximise income, Reduce Stress, and Free up your time

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List - 10% of bookings generated

We work alongside any marketing you already have in place for your property and simply boost your occupancy and ensure it has the widest exposure. We list on the Pillow Partners booking platform as well as marketing across social media, worldwide partner sites and individual promotion by Regional Property Managers.

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Market - 12% +VAT of income generated

Our Marketing service allows you to do what you enjoy and do best while letting us take care of all marketing activities for you. Listings on all well know booking portals (and 100’s you don’t know about!), social media promotion, payment collection, deposits and initial communications. We take care of all the expensive, technical and time-consuming parts and get you the maximum amount of income each year.

We then pass these guests on to you to deal with and ensure they have the best possible experience while staying with you. We pay you over the income at the end of each month.

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Manage - 20% +VAT of income generated

Our Manage service includes both marketing and management. This gives you a fully hands-off business and a residual income – simply give us the keys and we do the rest! This service is great for owners who are busy, don’t stay near the property or have little experience.

And the most amazing part about our Manage service is that we guarantee to earn you more money than doing it yourself (so essentially the service becomes totally free as we cover all our fees).